Microsoft Flight Simulator Dune Expansion lets you fly across Arrakis with an Ornithoper

microsoft flight simulator gets free dune dlc
Credit: Xbox

microsoft flight simulator gets free dune dlc
Credit: Xbox

Microsoft Flight Simulator has announced a collaboration with Dune, as players will get to fly through the film’s setting with the Ornithoper in some free DLC. Naturally, this is to promote Dune: Part Two, which is scheduled to release on March 1 in the US and February 28 in other countries.

An official trailer for the DLC was released, showing a detailed look at the Ornithoper in action and the planet Arrakis. The gameplay shown feels cinematic, making us wish that there was an actual Dune game being made for consoles.

It’s hard to decipher what the DLC’s gameplay will be like, but this is Microsoft Flight Simulator, so expect to handle flying around and making sure your vehicle is in good shape. We do see the Ornithoper overheating near the end, implying that Arrakis is going to be hard to fly through.

Fans hoping to see the Dune franchise’s signature sandworms are going to be disappointed since they aren’t in the trailer. At the time of writing, we can’t rule them out from appearing in the DLC, but that might be too generous for free content. Plus, this is Microsoft Flight Simulator and not an actual Dune video game, though the effort put in could easily fool some players.

Dune came out to positive reviews upon its release and many fans are hoping to see something similar when Part Two comes out in a few weeks. Now that a lot of the set-up was done in the first film, fans can’t wait to see the story continue. Microsoft Flight Simulator might not be able to provide the same thrills, but it should be a fun appetizer, at the very least.

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The Dune Expansion is now available in Microsoft Flight Simulator, so fans who already own the game can download the DLC right away. Flight Simulator is readily available on Xbox Series consoles and PC, so fans who want to pilot a plane can now do so.

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