Metro Awakening VR brings the post-apocalyptic franchise to PSVR2

A first-person look at a Metro character aiming a pistol
Credit: Vertigo Games

A first-person look at a Metro character aiming a pistol
Credit: Vertigo Games

The January State of Play by Sony gave fans a ton of games to be on the lookout for in the following months, including the return of a dormant franchise that will be coming back with Metro Awakening VR, a PSVR 2 title developed by Vertigo Games.

The Metro franchise hasn't seen a new game since Metro Exodus, first released in 2019 for the previous generation of consoles (Xbox One and PlayStation 4) before it reached current gen systems (Xbox Series and PlayStation 5) with the Enhanced Edition in 2021.

News of a virtual reality Metro game broke just a few days before the State of Play, with reports suggesting that Metro Awakening was in a playable state, possibly hinting at the game coming out in the very near future - something that was confirmed by the trailer, as it states the fourth entry in the franchise is coming out at some point during 2024.

A cultist performing a ritual in Metro Awakening VR
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Credit: Vertigo Games
Metro is finally back!

The quick 90-second trailer features all the doom and gloom you'd come to expect from Metro games, with the main character trying to traverse multiple murky environments like an abandoned train station and old decaying buildings.

In terms of story, the game will function as a prequel to the first game in the series, Metro 2033. You'll take control of a character named Sedar a doctor searching for his wife in Moscow. There'll be a lot of weird undertones as Sedar could potentially be the one to set and will set in motion events important to the franchise, according to a PlayStation blog.

One more important thing to clarify is that Metro Awakening VR is entirely a virtual reality experience and it doesn't seem like there are plans for the game to be ported into a more regular gaming experience. So don't expect to be playing this without a PSVR 2 anytime soon.

So that's it, if the Metro Awakening VR hype has you reaching for that virtual reality headset that's been collecting dust, we recommend you check out how to properly clean your PSVR 2 without causing damage.

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