Metro Awakening may be PSVR 2’s next killer app

Artyom from Metro exploring a dense post apocalyptic tunnel

Artyom from Metro exploring a dense post apocalyptic tunnel

Following the release of Metro Exodus, 4A Games’ stunning survival series has been rather silent. However, a new VR game in the form of Metro Awakening is allegedly on the way for PSVR 2.

Via Insider Gaming, the next Metro game is currently in a playable state. The new game will reportedly take the immersive first-person series into an even more immersive virtual reality title on PlayStation 5.

Twitter games leaker Kurakakis revealed that the next Metro game will at least have a virtual reality component. However, it’s not known if the game will be only available in VR, similar to games like Resident Evil Village.

Furthermore, it’s not known if the game will be an entirely single-player game either. Judging by the series’ past, it would be a surprise to see Metro Awakening jump into multiplayer, but it could be an interesting co-op experience.

“I can reveal that a new Metro game, which is going to be announced very soon, is a VR game titled METRO AWAKENING,” they said. “I don’t know if the game is single player, multiplayer or both. I don’t know if the game is VR-only.”

With a PlayStation showcase reportedly on the way, it seems that Metro Awakening could be a huge exclusive for the PSVR 2. While the game will likely also come to PC — the Metro series is heavily PC focused — it won’t be able to come to Xbox as there is no VR support on the platform.

Unfortunately, it seems that the game will also not release on the Meta Quest 3. With Meta Quest 3 specs falling far behind that of the PlayStation 5, the game would have to take a major hit to run on the system.

A virtual reality game is a great fit for the Metro franchise. 4A Games’ survival FPS series has always prided itself on being a hardcore, immersive series. Bringing the dense, claustrophobic aesthetic of the franchise into VR with full manual reloading would be an amazing idea for virtual reality gaming.

There’s no official word from 4A Games on the next Metro game at the time of writing.

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