Meta Quest 3 finally lets you use apps and play games while lying down

meta quest 3 adds lying down mode
Credit: Meta

meta quest 3 adds lying down mode
Credit: Meta


  • Meta Quest 3 finally adds lying down mode
  • This mode hit Meta Quest 2 first before finally coming to Quest 3
  • Users can finally be lazy with their VR tech

Fans can finally use their Meta Quest 3 VR headset while lying down, thanks to the device’s most recent update. This feature had actually made its way to the Quest 2 before appearing in Meta’s more recent hardware, so newer users are no longer left in the dust.

According to PCGamesN, users will be able to activate the mode after they update to Meta Quest Update v64. Once that’s done, owners of the headset can go to the settings and pick “Use Apps While Lying Down,” which is perfect for lazy users.

Playing games on the Meta Quest 3 while lying down might be a nightmare when it comes to the more complex games in the store. However, for the more relaxing games where players don’t have to do much movement, this should be fine.

Some apps will also be easier to use now that there’s a lying down feature, so anyone who just wants to watch videos or do yoga can do so. We imagine that using the headset to watch videos while lying down will be a great experience for anyone who just wants to relax while listening to some game reviews.

The Meta Quest 3 has been a major focus for everyone in Meta, as the company effectively killed their Quest Pro to make room for newer hardware. For the most part, it’s an upgrade that previous users will appreciate, even if the audience for VR will always remain niche.

It’s not just VR games that can be played on Quest 3, as there are ways to play certain titles on Steam. While VR games are slowly gaining more depth, most of them tend to be easier experiences with gimmicks, so playing actual PC games is a huge improvement.

Users interested in VR technology can pick up the Meta Quest 3 now, wherever high-end tech is sold. VR might be a niche hobby, but fans who are willing to try it out can experience some cool stuff.

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