Marvel’s What If VR Game Looks Great, But You Can’t Play It

Wong inside an orange-ring portal to another world in Marvel's What If VR experience
Credit: Marvel

Wong inside an orange-ring portal to another world in Marvel's What If VR experience
Credit: Marvel


  • Marvel's What If? - An Immersive Experience finally has a release date - May 30, 2024.
  • The hour-long 'game' will see you take on a multiverse of villainous threats for The Watcher and Wong
  • Unfortunately, the experience is exclusive to the Apple Vision Pro, so you'll have to spend over $3,000 to play it

Marvel is one of the most recognizable brands in the world, with the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), comics, and iconic characters like Spider-Man and Captain America known globally. This makes the case of the upcoming Marvel's What If game even stranger.

If you own any of the best VR headsets, the idea of entering the multiverse of the MCU and interacting with beloved characters sounds exciting. Unfortunately, few will play the Marvel's What If game since it's exclusive to the Apple Vision Pro headset.

Titled Marvel's What If? - An Immersive Experience, the Apple Vision Pro-exclusive game arrives on May 30, 2024, and a new trailer for the hour-long experience has been released. In it, the Watcher tasks you, the player, with entering various Marvel universes to stop the threat of multiversal villains who have broken free from their destinies.

In the game, Supreme Sorcerer Wong delivers a spell book to the player in their living room before they enter various MCU-based universes. Much like the What If series on Disney+, you can expect unique twists on your favorite villains and heroes, as you cast magic with your hands to battle foes and conjure portals, thanks to the Vision Pro's hand-tracking.

The experience is being developed by ILM Immersive, an immersion-focused division of Industrial Light & Magic, which also created the Vader Immortal trilogy. Unfortunately, while the Vader Immortal series is on Meta Quest headsets, the What If? game is seemingly stuck on Vision Pro for the foreseeable future. Considering that Disney worked to bring 3D movies to Vision Pro, it seems the two companies have a strong partnership for Apple's new headset.

Most people would rather wait for a cheaper model of the Apple Vision Pro or hope for a port on Quest or PCVR platforms. Given that Mark Zuckerberg himself prefers the Quest 3 over the Vision Pro (no surprise there), we hope the hand-tracking on Quest 3 and its lower cost mean the game will eventually arrive on Meta. But, that hasn't been confirmed yet.

So, if you're willing to dive into the MCU multiverse and see your favorite characters, prepare to spend over $3,000 to do so.

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