New Marvel What If? 1-Hour Long Episode Will Be Seen By No One

The Watcher from Marvel's What If? holding his hand out with images of multiverses next to him
Credit: Marvel

The Watcher from Marvel's What If? holding his hand out with images of multiverses next to him
Credit: Marvel


  • Marvel and ILM Immersive are releasing an immersive 'episode' of What If?, which lasts an hour
  • Unfortunately, the experience is limited to Apple Vision Pro headsets
  • The experience will take Marvel fans with the headset through interactive locations from the MCU, both new and iconic

Marvel's fingers are in almost every pie, from movies and TV shows, to comics, to videogames, and more. Iconic faces like Spider-Man, Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, and more have become a huge part of pop culture for decades now. However, you likely won't watch the latest Marvel's What If? experience, even if you truly wanted to.

That is, unless you happen to own one of the best VR headsets, and one of the most expensive with the Apple Vision Pro. That's right, the latest Marvel What If? 'episode' is exclusive to Apple's expensive headset, unless you decide to wait for the rumored cheaper Apple Vision Pro.

Announced on the Marvel website, Marvel and ILM Immersive have revealed the upcoming 'Marvel What If? - An Immersive Story', which is exclusively available for Apple Vision Pro customers. If you're one of the people with Apple's ridiculously expensive headset, then you're one of the lucky dozen who get to watch this new What If? story.

The first Disney+ original interactive story will give you an hour of What If? immersive goodness, promising an immersive mixed reality experience that will take you into a leading role throughout realities, but considering the premise of What If?'s mind-bending multiverse shenanigans, that shouldn't be too surprising.

Watcher and Wong from What If? An Immersive Story for Apple Vision Pro
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Credit: Marvel

Unlike The Watcher's role in the What If? series, which mostly seems him sticking to his job and avoiding any interaction with the various universes, you'll be an active participant, allowing you to visit the strange and unique worlds based on the series, including both new and iconic MCU locations.

It's unclear as to how much of the upcoming What If? experience takes place inside both the real world, and in virtual reality. In fact, there's not even a release date just yet, but Marvel promises more information will be shared in the near future.

As a huge Marvel fan, and someone who finds the idea of multiverses exciting, it's disappointing that this experience is limited to those with an Apple Vision Pro. We can mark this as one point towards the Vision Pro against the Quest 3, but we'd still recommend purchasing the latter overall. However, the What If? experience and watching Disney+ movies in 3D sounds exciting, even if I won't spend that amount of money myself.

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