Marvel vs Capcom 3 modder turns game into a superfan’s dream

Marvel vs Capcom 3 modder turns game into a superfan’s dream

Fans of 2011’s brilliant fighting game Marvel vs Capcom 3 have successfully fixed the title’s restrictive mod airport.

Marvel vs Capcom 3 mods have exploded in popularity over the past year, adding brand-new characters into the game. However, these characters are unable to be added into their own character slots.

Fighting game YouTuber and influencer Maximilian Dood and other fans put up a $5000 bounty to fix the title’s modding restrictions. Quickly afterwards, one modder has developed the tool MvC3 fans have been craving.

Shown off by modder and YouTuber Geiss, The Clone Engine allows additional characters to be properly implemented into the fighting game. Finally, modders can create characters that aren’t tied to others already existing within the roster.

On YouTube, Geiss showed a mod of Ultron being selectable from the main character screen. Originally, the Ultron character was a mod for Frank West, but he can now have his own slot on the select table.

Furthermore, the Marvel vs Capcom 3 mod adds additional selection slots that players can use to hold modded characters. Unfortunately, currently created modded characters need to be converted to the new format before they can be seen in the character selection screen.

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3: The Clone Engine is available for free right here. Fans that download the mod will have access to Ultron included with the download to play around with.

Recent mods for Marvel vs Capcom 3 have added beloved modern characters such as Spider-Gwen, Ms. Marvel, The Juggernaut, Domino and many more.

With Capcom abandoning the series since the failure of MvC: Infinite, modders are creating the unofficial fourth game with their impressive mods.

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