Fans are making their own Marvel vs Capcom 4 because Capcom won't

fans make their own marvel vs capcom 4
Credit: Capcom

fans make their own marvel vs capcom 4
Credit: Capcom

Fans have decided that if Capcom won’t make Marvel vs Capcom 4, they’ll make it themselves. The modding scene for 2011’s phenomenal Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 has started adding full-fledged characters to the game, enough to make a whole new sequel.

YouTube content creators like Maximilian Dood have spotlighted a number of these mods, with characters like Cyclops, Thanos, and Urien, just to name a few. These mods have been going on for a while now and it looks like they won’t be stopping anytime soon. One modder is even introducing their version of Gambit to the brilliant fighting game.

With no news on a Marvel vs Capcom 4, modding UMvC3 has been the next best thing. Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 is still one of the most popular fighting games out there, to the point that it’s going to be featured at this year’s EVO. Seeing an old game like UMvC3 continue to get this much love is quite heartwarming.

Other mods have added characters that were either non-existent or not popular at the time of Marvel vs Capcom 3’s release. For example, players can now fight as Spider-Gwen, one of the most popular modern Marvel characters that released after the last game.

Alongside full characters, there are a host of reskins for existing ones. For example, fans of Ms Marvel can replace the game’s Super Skrull with Kamala Khan. It’s not the same as a full character, but it’s still cool!

Technically, fans did get a sequel in 2017, Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite. However, fans haven’t gravitated towards that title as much as its predecessor with most seeing it as a creatively bankrupt cashgrab, with no X-Men and barely any new characters. It was released during the height of the Disney/Fox wars, making it a victim of circumstance.

Despite the lack of any official news, fans are hoping for an official Marvel vs Capcom 4 one of these days. Since nostalgia is a huge part of entertainment right now, one would think that Marvel and Capcom would jump at the chance to make another crossover. Now that Disney has bought Fox, worries about the lack of X-Men and Fantastic Four characters are a thing of the past.

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Even if we never get Marvel vs Capcom 4, modders will continue to do what they’re doing now and keep a dead game alive. Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 is readily available on PS4 and Xbox One but the modding scene is only on PC.

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