Marvel's Spider-Man 2 release window accidentally leaked by Venom actor

marvel spider-man-2 release accidentally leaked tony todd
Credit: Insomniac Games

marvel spider-man-2 release accidentally leaked tony todd
Credit: Insomniac Games

The voice actor behind Venom in Insomniac’s PS5 game Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has leaked the game’s release date. While the proposed date may not be final, the voice actor’s instant regret towards leaking the date adds a large amount of credibility.

On Twitter, Venom voice actor Tony Todd accidentally revealed that the highly-anticipated sequel will release sometime this September. This was in response to a fan simply saying they were excited to play the game and hear him as Venom, leading the actor to leak the September release date.

Hilariously, Todd released a follow up tweet saying he wouldn’t say anything else about Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Later on, the actor joked about his Twitter being hacked, which led to fans saying that the symbiote possessed him. If anything else, it’s good to see the iconic Candyman actor have a good sense of humor on Twitter.

To be fair, a September release does fall in line with the supposed Fall 2023 window that Sony previously announced. Considering how this Marvel game will likely sell a lot of copies during the holidays, a September release wouldn’t be impossible. We won’t be too shocked if Sony ends up revealing the official release date in a few weeks or months.

Details on Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 have been pretty slim. A trailer released during one of Sony’s State of Play videos did reveal that both Spider-Men, Peter and Miles, would be playable. Tony Todd’s Venom won’t be the only villain either, as the trailer was narrated by iconic villain Marvel Kraven the Hunter.

New dialogue technology for Spider-Man 2 was discussed by someone from Insomniac Games recently. While details on this weren’t revealed, it has many fans thinking that we’ll be seeing branching dialogue choices like in Mass Effect. Since the symbiote is playing a big role in this game, dialogue choices would be interesting.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will be coming to PlayStation 5 this Fall, possibly in September.

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