Marvel has announced its first Native American Captain America

Marvel has unveiled its first Native American Captain America this week in the form of Joe Gomez. 

Set to appear in the upcoming “The United States of Captain America #3”, Joe Gomez of the Kickapoo Tribe will be the first Native American rendition of the super hero. 

The news of a new Captain America comes only weeks after Disney revealed the first live-action African American captain in Anthony Mackie. 

Captain America has come in many forms and renditions over the years, including a nomad, a president and even a wolf. 

Joe Gomez

Written by Christopher Cantrell and drawn by Dale Eaglesham. “The United States of Captain America” will feature numerous renditions of the super hero teaming up.

The limited series will bring back classic captains like Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes and John Walker. It will also feature new characters inspired by modern America, showing individuals from all walks of life. 

Marvel already introduced readers to Aaron Fisher and Nichelle Wright. Fisher is a gay teenager from Railways while Wright is a young African American woman.

By day, Joe Gomez is a construction worker. In the world of Marvel, people like Gomez are there to pick up the pieces and rebuild once a hero has saved the day. Regularly going out of his way to help others, Gomez more than deserved the mantle of the Captain . 

Release Date

The United States of Captain America #3 will launch this August. The first entry in the series will be available from June 2nd, while subsequent comics will release on a monthly basis. 

The series was created to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Captain America’s first appearance. Created by Joe Simon in 1940, the character then had their first comic book appearance the following March in 1941. 

You can find out more about The United States of Captain America #3 here.

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