Margot Robbie wants Harley Quinn & Batgirl team-up movie

Margot Robbie, who plays Harley Quinn in the upcoming The Suicide Squad film, has stated her interested in a team-up project with Batgirl. The actress has starred as the DCEU's incarnation of the character since 2016. Earlier this year, there were rumours that she had intended to take a break from DC films, but she denied those rumours in a recent interview.

Harley Quinn & Batgirl 

Margot Robbie spoke about the upcoming film in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, talking about the recent casting of Barbara Gordon as Batgirl in an upcoming movie. “I didn't know that! Oh, how cool! That's wicked. She's amazing. Yeah, I'm calling Warner Bros. Can you put me through to DC? Yeah, thank you. I'm on it. Don't worry." 

Harley Quinn and Batgirl have shared the screen in the past, with the two both appearing in the animated Harley Quinn TV series. Harley Quinn has also teamed up with a number of notable characters in the past, including the likes of Poison Ivy and Catwoman. 

Margot Robbie also talked about her intentions to continue playing the character. She denied rumours she was considering taking another extended break

“No, I've had enough of a break. I'm ready to do her again. I did Birds of Prey and The Suicide Squad back-to-back, so that was a lot of Harley all in a one-year period, but that was a while ago now. I'm always ready for more Harley!"
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The Suicide Squad

The latest Suicide Squad movie releases globally this Friday (August 6). The Suicide Squad features Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn alongside Idris Elba, John Cena, Michael Rooker and a star-studded cast. James Gunn is directing the movie, which follows the cast of anti-heroes as they fight their way through an enemy-filled island called Corto Maltese. 

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