Henry Cavill Superman contract reportedly ended after Marvel meeting

Rumours were recently sparked that Henry Cavill could reprise his role as Superman in the upcoming The Flash movie, which releases next year. The Flash is already filled with big names, as the likes of Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton will both appear in the film alongside leading star Ezra Miller. 

Henry Cavill, who played Superman in several films, is not currently under contract with DC. Although it shouldn’t come as a surprise considering the actor is not on the best of terms with DC following a few years of questionable decisions. His last supposed appearance was supposed to be a cameo in Shazam!, though DC opted for a body double instead. 

Cavill and DC are moving on

Cavill’s last appearance as Superman was in 2016’s Justice League, a film that was eventually re-edited and shot into the Snyder cut. Cavill, however, had nothing to do with the reshoots, stating that he had no interest in “shooting anything additional”. Since then, Cavill has gone on to feature in a number of other shows including The Witcher and Enola Holmes. 

DC is also apparently looking past Cavill, considering others for a planned movie reboot of Superman. The movie is said to be the first cinematic instance of a Black Superman. Furthermore, according to rumours, DC is also planning to introduce a HBO series focused on a black Superman character. This is of course hearsay, but it’s a rumour that has been persistent for some time. 

According to reports from earlier this year, DC will follow the origin story of the comics. The original black Superman was called Kel-El who is a Kryptonian. Michael B. Jordan, who most recently starred in Black Panther alongside Chadwick Boseman, was being considered for the character. J.J. Abrams is onboard for the project.


Cavill supposedly met with executives at Marvel’s London studios last month, adding further fuel to his exit from the Superman franchise. Cavill is supposedly in talks to play Captain Britain in an upcoming film, which would make perfect sense considering his look and quintessentially British demeanor.

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