Manor Lords Discounts Are Coming as Dev Thanks Players

manor lords promo art man on horse looking over city

manor lords promo art man on horse looking over city


  • Manor Lords has surpassed 1 million sales across all platforms.
  • Slavic Magic became a millionaire overnight, and players congratulated him on his success.
  • The publisher Hooded Horse has promised to frequently run discounts for Manor Lords while it's in early access.

Manor Lords has finally been released, and this game, developed by a single person, has managed to shatter all city builder concurrent player records and even crashed the Steam store. In response, the developer and publisher thanked all the players for their support and promised to keep delivering.

With sales for Manor Lords surpassing 1 Million in just a few days across Steam, GoG and Game Pass, Slavic Magic has become a millionaire overnight. Fans are all congratulating him for his well-deserved success, as the development and release of Manor Lords took 7 years of hard work and uncertainty.

In a personal note of thanks from the Publishing company Hooded Horse's CEO, he states, "Your support of developer Greg and his game has already been huge, and so I want to say: please, don't feel any pressure to buy the game if waiting is better for you".

He further reassures players that "If money is tight right now or you're still uncertain, we'll run those 25% discounts often and give you plenty of opportunities to get the game later as well, no one should feel any fear of missing out or any kind of pressure"

Manor Lords released with a 25% discount that will run till 10 May 2024. During this period, you can purchase the game for $29.99/£26.24 rather than the full price of $39.99/£34.99. Furthermore, the game will remain in Early Access for at least a year, so you can take advantage of the aforementioned sales or the Game Pass during this period.

Now, players are just hoping that Slavic Magic is able to make use of these recently acquired funds to speed up the game's development. As it stands, Manor Lords is a polished and impressive but incomplete game that requires a lot more content to flesh out.

With the game's massive success and support from the publisher and fanbase, Manor Lords is now left with the task of riding this Early Access momentum and delivering all that has been promised.

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