Manor Lords Crashes Steam Storefront and Servers

Manor Lords crowds of soldiers crashing into each other

Manor Lords crowds of soldiers crashing into each other


  • Manor Lords was one of the most anticipated releases of 2024 as the most wishlisted game in Steam history.
  • Upon release, it managed to crash the Steam store and servers, with players unable to process their payments.
  • Manor Lords has had an incredibly successful launch with over 170k concurrent users and most of them praising the game and its developer.

Manor Lords became the most wishlisted game in Steam history prior to its release on 26 April 2024. Upon release, the game's sales managed to cause lag and traffic overload on Steam's storefront and servers.

Just a few days ago, Manor Lords hit 3 million wishlists on Steam, and those numbers were not empty promises. Merely a few hours after launch, Manor Lords hit a 170,000 concurrent player count.

In fact, users who were present at the launch experienced the Steam servers feeling the strain of over a hundred thousand players purchasing and downloading the game simultaneously.

The purchase, download, and entry into Manor Lords was not seamless, as was reported by users on Reddit. One of the most upvoted posts on r/ManorLords is a player proudly proclaiming, "We crashed the steam store" and "Not able to process the order right now, lmao".

Rather than frustration, this was met with further cheers of support from other users who found the situation of "A game by one dude crashing Steam" extremely funny.

On another similar post, Mr. Slavic Magic, Greg Styczeń, commented, "Damn. Thanks for the support everyone." He was met with a lot of support from users on the subreddit.

One user replied "Honestly man, been following your work for 6 years. Got my hands on the demo 2 years ago and was hooked. You've blown AAA studios out of the water with your polish and open communication. You deserve this."

What's even more impressive is the fact that the game has managed to get mostly positive reviews on Steam, with an 87% positive ratio at the time of writing this article. It really goes to show how much gamers appreciate a well-made product, especially when it's coming from an indie developer.

Manor Lords currently sits as the 6th most popular title on Steam right now, beating the likes of Stardew Valley, Helldivers 2, and GTA 5. This is similar to Lethal Company, where a game from a single indie developer has managed to achieve great success.

What sets Manor Lords apart from recent breakout indie hits like Palworld, Lethal Company, and Content Warning is the fact that it's a single-player city-builder game.

Manor Lords is currently available on Steam, GOG, and Epic Games. You can also get it through the Xbox Game Pass, but on PC only.

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