Medieval city builder Manor Lords marches toward an April release

Manor Lords characters battling each other

Manor Lords characters battling each other

Manor Lords, a long-awaited game that combines city building and real-time strategy combat, has revealed an announcement trailer and release date. The game is making its way to PC via early access on April 26, 2024. A console release was also teased as "coming soon".

Revealed during October 2023's Xbox partner review showcase, Manor Lords, developed by Slavic Magic, is set to launch on Steam and Good Old Games. The trailer also confirms that it'll be available from day one through the Xbox Game Pass, letting subscribers try the game without stumping up any cash.

Fans have been quick to dissect the trailer for details - we've seen in-depth city building, resource management, and the ability to expand your lands through conquest. The game promises that players will get to "experience the life of a medieval lord" and looks well-equipped to deliver on the promise.

Historical accuracy is also a focus, with the game set in the 14th century. The art and architecture of Franconia (a region of Germany) has reportedly been used to "inform gameplay mechanics and visuals alike." Likewise, common medieval tropes have been "avoided in favour of historical accuracy"; it's safe to say that fans of medieval history are in good hands.

As for the game's combat, Manor Lords aims to deliver an experience where "units are not expendable, but beloved loyal subjects" that must be trained to defend, conquer, and maintain peace within the players' territory. Battles will be in real-time, with weather and equipment being among the deciding factors of a win. Players are expected to command their troops effectively, so reading up on historic battles in the months before release may provide a tactical advantage.

Diplomacy is also mentioned on the game's Steam page, with players being allowed to communicate with other lords. We'll have to wait and see if this system is akin to a Civilisation game or a verbal game of rock paper scissors.

Most surprisingly, Manor Lords began life under just one developer. April is just a few short months away, so our fingers are crossed that the hard work will pay off and that 2024 has a solid strategy game for us all to look forward to.

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