Loewe shoves a 1TB HDD into its new 77" OLED TV

Loewe shoves a 1TB HDD into its new 77" OLED TV

Loewe shoves a 1TB HDD into its new 77" OLED TV

German luxury TV brand LOEWE has revealed its next wacky display, a 77-inch OLED TV that includes a 1TB mechanical hard drive… in 2023.

Celebrating its 100-year anniversary, the new LOEWE bild i 77 is the largest SKU available in its ongoing bild i line of displays. Previously available in 48-inch, 55-inch and 65-inches, the new 77-inch display is still powered by the company’s flagship LoeweOS platform.

While the new display does offer access to apps such as Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV and more, the TV’s included 1TB HDD is designed to be used for recording and pausing live television programs.

Via FlatPanelsHD, Loewe’s included hard disk drives have been a long-lasting feature of the company’s TV releases. However, in 2023, we would hope that the company would move towards faster storage, such as an SSD.

The 77-inch OLED makes use of LG’s industry-beloved WOLED display technology. As Samsung also adopts the widely-adored panel tech, LG’s display is now the de facto panel for large TVs.

LOEWE’s bild i 77 costs £6000/€6000 on release. The display is said to be targeted for luxury TV owners who value the device‘s more fanciful design language. An alternative to Bang & Olufsen’s expensive luxury TV releases, the German tech company hits a very specific target market.

For £6000, the TV also included a pole stand to display the device outside of an entertainment system. The TV also has an integrated soundbar, four HDMI 2.1 ports and support for wireless features such as Apple AirPlay.

The LOEWE’s bild i 77 is available right now in European regions such as Germany, France and the United Kingdom.

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