LG smartphone division is closing after years of low sales

LG will no longer be creating smartphones. After years of pioneering new tech in the modern phone market, the South Korean technology company is leaving the industry.

Reported by The Korea Times (via Android Authority), the company will officially announce the closure of the smartphone division soon. The official announcement in currently slated for April 5th.

The company isn't dead – just it’s smartphone division. Of course, the company will still continue to develop televisions and other appliances such as refrigerators.

Why LG isn't making phones anymore

Rumours have circulated for months that LG would be pulling out of the smartphone business. Despite crafting fantastic phones with oftentimes pioneering features, the division has fallen behind in popularity. Despite being one of the top three smartphone companies in the United States, it’s still not profitable.

The company reportedly looked into selling the smartphone division but “recently decided to pull out of the business”. Workers at the division will be relocated to other divisions within the company. The company's current divisions are Home Entertainment, Home Appliances & Air Solutions and Vehicle Components.

There's no knowing how repair services on LG phone devices will be affected.

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Will my phone still receive updates?

While some phone companies – such as Essential – continue to provide software updates after closure, reports claim that LG will not be providing updates in the future.  While not confirmed, it's been reported that devices are “unlikely" to receive any support going forward.

Those with LG devices could possibly use custom roms to continue receiving some form of support, but that's only on supported devices.  Every custom rom will support different devices and there's no knowing if your specific device will be supported.

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