VIDEO: The LG Wing reinvents the smartphone with a swivelling display - see how it works!

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The LG Wing has been revealed, and it's the first new phone in a while to really make us thing about the form and function of our beloved mobile devices.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold previously popularised the idea of a folding smartphone screen, but now the LG Wing has raised another possibility for altering the display on your mobile.

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The LG Wing's 'swivel' display allows you to twist a second screen into a landscape orientation, whilst keeping the main body of the phone in the hand-friendly portrait mode.

Keep reading to learn more about this brave new phone design...

VIDEO: See the LG Wing in action

If you're wondering how exactly a swivel-display works, luckily there are videos on the web that show the LG Wing being used by real people.

The YouTube channel Unbox Therapy, for example, has had some hands-on time with the LG Wing, serving up this video to help punters at home understand a bit more about this barmy new device. Take a look here...

LG Wing specs

The official website describes the LG Wing as "The most transformative smartphone experience ever." You'll be able to swivel "from a sleek mobile to a brand new form that redefines multi-viewing and multitasking. See apps both horizontally and vertically for a new level of intuitiveness never reached by any other phone before."

Here's a specs chart straight from the LG site...

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The cameras on here are particularly impressive: you get a 12MP Ultra Wide Big Pixel Camera, a 64MP Ultra High Resolution Camera, and an Ultra Wide 13MP camera. And there's also a Hexa Motion Stabilizer that will help you keep the camera steady, whichever mode you're using.

LG Wing features

As for what exactly you'll be able to do with the dual-screen display, the possibilities are pretty exciting. As you can see in the images below, the gimbal allows you to position the screens in a couple of different ways, and you'll also be able to use the horizontal and vertical screens in tandem.

This could be huge for gaming, where having a map or inventory on a second screen often comes in very handy. Nintendo's recently-discontinued 3DS was built around that idea, and this looks like the phone-based version of that idea.

You'll be able to control apps like YouTube and the camera on the vertical screen, whilst watching the action on the horizontal one. Also, you could have different apps on the two screens - so you could watch Netflix on the horizontal screen while having a WhatsApp conversation on the second screen, which is pretty damn cool.

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lg wing gaming
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LG Wing price and pre-orders

Although a specific UK price point is yet to be revealed, the US telecoms provider Verizon has already listed the LG Wing on its site with a dedicated pre-order page.

So if you're in the right country, pre-orders are already open! But we don't have any firm information on the global rollout beyond the USA, as of yet.

As for pricing: thanks to Verizon, we know that, in the USA, you'll be paying $999.99 all-in for this bad boy. Or if you'd rather pay monthly, it'll be 24 monthly payments of $41.66 each.

Here in the UK, the current exchange rate tells us that $999.99 USD translates into Sterling as £772.30 GBP - so this phone ain't cheap! But really, who would've thought it would be?

LG Wing release date

Verizon's site tells us that the LG Wing "ships by 10-15-2020." That's 15th October 2020 for the Stateside release, then, although we don't know exactly when the rest of the world will get it. Watch this space, then!

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