LG Signature OLED T is a transparent TV you can actually buy

An image of the LG Signature OLED T transparent television in a fancy hotel room

An image of the LG Signature OLED T transparent television in a fancy hotel room

With the CES 2024 conference in full swing, LG has revealed its spectacular Signature OLED TV, a fully transparent display that will actually be commercially available for users to buy.

While the industry is more focused on the full Samsung 2024 TV lineup or the new Nvidia RTX 4000 SUPER GPUs, the new LG Signature OLED T is the first transparent display to be designed for the actual market.

The Signature OLED T works with a transparent OLED panel at the front of the display. This panel has an opaque film, dubbed a contrast screen, that can display a traditional-style panel. However, once this is moved out of the way, the non-active pixels become completely seethrough.

The new LG display uses this technology to show off some nifty features. For example, the device’s “T-bar” feature uses the bottom segment of the TV to display information such as the time and date while keeping the rest of the device transparent.

Via Digital Trends, this part of the panel is around 6 inches tall and can display a rolling bar of information. While no information other than the date and time has been shown running on the T-bar, it could show news headlines, stock changes and more.

Furthermore, the Signature T makes use of the Zero Connect Box to wirelessly transmit video and audio to the display, eliminating wires.

One issue with the transparent TV is the way in which the display is mounted. While LG claims the device can be wall-mounted, users should be careful where they mount it. After all, mounting the device against a black wall doesn’t show off its transparency; you may as well just get a bezelless OLED.

Additionally, content designed for transparent displays doesn’t exist at the time of writing outside of specific LG test footage. While the display can adapt to content, LG is working with a number of content partners to create transparent OLED videos and support for the display.

LG has yet to reveal a price for its fancy pants transparent OLED. However, we could take a guess and say it’s far too much for a nifty, but rather useless gimmick.

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