LG phone updates will go up to Android 12 despite division closure

The closure of LG's smartphones division was a big hit to any current owners of the Korean company's devices. With no new devices, many wondered whether LG phone updates would be coming to their recently purchased smartphones.

Thankfully, LG phone updates are still coming for the near future, but it’s uncertain which devices will be supported. With the unreliability of updates for prior devices when the division was still in business, will LG phones last long?

Will my phone get Android 12?

On the company's Korean website, LG has confirmed that some devices will be receiving an update to Android 12 when it releases. However, at the time of writing, the devices that will be receiving the update are unspecified.

The Korean FAQ explains that the “Android 12 OS upgrade will also be provided for selected models”, but that update won't be available everywhere. In fact, it states that the new OS will be available depending on region.

In a statement to The Verge, LG wasn't clear on whether or not the update was coming stateside. “LG may offer certain OS upgrades for select models,” the company responded. “Additional details will be provided in the near future on software updates.”

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How long will LG phone updates go on for?

LG's uncertainty with the upcoming Android 12 release carries over into standard updates. While companies like Essential continued to support the PH-1 for years – with generic security updates still going – that was one device.

LG phone updates have been far from consistent when the company was in business. Despite promising updates for the foreseeable future, there's no depth to that claim. While high-end devices like the experimental LG Wing are expected to be supported for a stretch, other devices are far more uncertain.

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