LG moves to hyper-target gamers to create the best gaming TVs ever

LG moves to hyper-target gamers to create the best gaming TVs ever

LG moves to hyper-target gamers to create the best gaming TVs ever

Despite already including numerous gaming-focused modes in its TV sets, LG Electronics has promised to hyper-target gamers in its upcoming line of TVs.

The recent run of LG TVs, especially C1 - C3 displays, have included a number of gamer-centric features. For example, the LG C3 not only includes a game optimiser mode, but also Variable Refresh Rate support, a mode designed for games with unstable framerates, similar to G-Sync or FreeSync.

Nevertheless, new LG TVs will be even more focused on providing the perfect experience for gamers after the success found during the release of new-gen consoles Xbox Series X and PS5.

Via ABS, Product Manager of LG OLED TVs Angelica Dumlao explained that the company is working to create the ultimate display for gamers. Alongside its partnership with Nvidia GeForce Now, LG will include a number of gamer-centric tools in all new OLED displays.

“Starting this year, LG would be one of the first to support Nvidia GeForce Now at 4K resolution,” Dumalo said. “[Furthermore, we offer] 0.1 millisecond response time, we support G-SYNC, FreeSync, VRR, and Dolby Atmos.”

Similar to Samsung’s new focus on AI tools, LG will also be implementing AI software to enhance the viewing experience including “AI concierge”, a content recommendation algorithm that searches through all of your streaming subscriptions to push relevant content to you.

New LG TVs will be powered by the new 6th generation Alpha 9 AI processor. An upgraded chip over the prior generation, the TV SoC will be able to provide better image upscaling, better image processing, faster UI speeds, crisper audio and more.

Since abandoning its decades-long manufacturing of smartphones, LG is now hyper-focused on providing cutting-edge TVs and even vehicle parts. With Samsung finally giving up and using LG OLED panels, it’s clear that the Korean tech giant is coming out on top.

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