LG C4 TVs will have 144Hz support, faster than cutting-edge C3 panels

An LG C4 OLED TV hanging on the wall

An LG C4 OLED TV hanging on the wall

The 2024 LG C4 TV lineup will have one major benefit over its still-brilliant predecessors: a faster refresh rate. Finally able to match Samsung’s high-end panels, the LG C4 will offer lightning-fast refresh rates only really used by PC gamers.

Leaked in the AMD FreeSync Databse, the new LG TVs are listed as supporting a much larger VRR (variable refresh rate) gamut than their predecessors. Instead of ranging from 40-120Hz, the new LG C4 TVs can range from 40-144Hz, just like modern Samsung televisions.

The AMD FreeSync database previously confirmed the existence of the C4 months prior, but most key details surrounding the new TV set were kept secret. However, the database has since been updated, showing two new panels: the LG OLED48B4, a 44-inch budget version of the TV, and the OLED55C4, the main TV fans are looking for.

At the time of writing, few devices actually take advantage of 144Hz over HDMI. For example, the current generation consoles, the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, top out at a still-fast 120Hz output. Furthermore, no physical media, such as 4K UHD Blu-Rays, output at a fast framerate either. (After all, films above 24 frames-per-second are awful to look at.)

While currently unconfirmed by LG, it seems that the LG C4 specs and release date are already locked in. Furthermore, the LG G4 specs and release date are already secured as well. Unfortunately, the LG B4 is currently more obscure.

Alongside the much faster playback rate, the new line of LG TVs are expected to be powered by an all-new processor instead of a revised Alpha 9 chip like last year. Instead, the new lineup is expected to make use of a more powerful Alpha 10 SoC with machine learning cores for technology like motion smoothing (yuck), upscaling and other additions.

The LG C4, G4 and B4 displays are expected to be revealed at this year’s CES showcase. While multiple pictures of the TVs have already made their way online, they’re still unannounced at the time of writing.

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