Lenovo Legion Go is allegedly another Steam Deck competitor

A mock-up of the Lenovo Legion GO Steam deck competitor

A mock-up of the Lenovo Legion GO Steam deck competitor

Following the release of the Logitech G Cloud, the company is moving away from Android gaming to create its own Steam Deck competitor. Reportedly dubbed the Logitech Legion Go, could the new handheld gaming PC beat Valve’s device?

Reported by Windows Central, Lenovo is allegedly joining the handheld PC race. Following the likes of the GPD Win 4, AYANEO Air and the ASUS ROG Ally, the new handheld is gunning to be another portable PC for gamers.

The report claims that the Lenovo Legion GO will be powered by an AMD Phoenix SoC, the same chip family that powers the ROG Ally. Lenovo will also stock the device with Windows 11 as its operating system, allowing for greater game compatibility.

Windows Central claims that the new Lenovo handheld will have a bigger screen than the majority of its contemporaries. The device will allegedly boast an 8-inch display compared to the Steam Deck’s 7-inch panel.

The report also reveals that the design of the Lenovo Legion Go will likely be more lightweight than the competition, especially compared to the bulky Steam Deck. This is allegedly due to the company bringing back the design of the ill-fated Lenovo Legion Play. While not a direct re-use of that design, the new device aims to revive its thin-and-light design.

However, this does bring up one of the biggest worries of any handheld gaming PC: thermal performance. Currently, it’s not known which AMD Phoenix chip will power the new Lenovo device, but in any thin device, heat dissipation is always a major worry.

Furthermore, there is the issue of performance. While Windows 11 is better for compatibility compared to Steam Deck’s Linux-based OS, Valve’s low-level OS combined with Proton has worked wonders for game performance on the Steam Deck. Can Lenovo match that performance?

There’s no official word on whether or not the alleged Lenovo Legion Go is a real product. However, considering the number of Lenovo projects that do leak early, it’s easy to believe.

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