Kingmakers lets you ram hordes of knights with a pickup truck, and blast them with an AK47

kingmakers lets you kill hordes of knights with guns
Credit: Redemption Road Games

kingmakers lets you kill hordes of knights with guns
Credit: Redemption Road Games

There aren’t a lot of unique video game settings anymore, so the trailer for Kingmakers already gains a ton of points by giving us a semi-unique premise in video games. While it starts as a typical medieval game, we quickly see it unravel into a time-travel story where players can shoot knights with guns.

Based on the trailer we’ve seen, Kingmakers will have players causing a ton of chaos with their modern-day weapons and vehicles. Time travel stories aren’t exactly new but we don’t see them used well in video games, at least until now. Shooting down knights with machine guns and running them over with vehicles is pretty fun.

Even though players are causing havoc, this shooter actually makes them the last hope in this supposedly dying world. At least that’s what the game’s description says:

“You’re the last hope in a dying world. Travel back 500 years, to medieval England, in order to change the course of a bloody war and maybe, if you’re lucky, stave off the apocalypse. Can you tip the scales of history and create a new timeline?”

Gameplay-wise, this looks like a typical third-person shooter, with the occasional melee combat to break things up. We also see some strategy elements in the game, where players can order platoons to attack enemies and build fortifications. This isn’t too surprising since survival sims are pretty popular right now, so incorporating elements from them should win over plenty of fans.

Despite being a third-person shooter, the devs have said that Kingmakers is inspired by recent games like World War Z and Deep Rock Galactic (via PC Gamer). It’s an odd inspiration at first, but when you see the modern character gun down all of these knights, the comparison makes a lot of sense.

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Now that survival sims like Palworld are popular again, there’s a good chance that Kingmakers can make a name for itself. There’s no proper release date for this shooter yet, though it is scheduled for a 2024 release.

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