Hell Let Loose 2024 roadmap - everything you need to know

Hell Let Loose players running with guns into trenches
Credit: Team 17

Hell Let Loose players running with guns into trenches
Credit: Team 17

The Hell Let Loose 2024 roadmap contains a wealth of brand-new content arriving to the World War 2-themed shooter throughout the year.

Following the arrival of the 14.8 PTE, the hardcore shooter continues to lead the charge with large-scale warfare where communication and coordination are essential when looking to take the victory.

As with most roadmaps, there's plenty of information surrounding new content and for Hell Let Loose, it's no different. But before we take a closer look, be sure to check out our gaming page for all the latest goings on across numerous titles.

Hell Let Loose 2024 roadmap content

On February 20, 2024, the Hell Let Loose Twitter account unveiled the roadmap. Much to the delight of its players, there's plenty of new content making its way to the game for the remainder of the year.

Here's a closer look at what to expect:

  • Free and paid DLC
  • British Forces rework
  • New British tanks
  • Mortain map
  • Unannounced map
  • Existing map refreshes
  • Console server browser
  • Changeable weather conditions
  • Skirmish game mode

Hell Let Loose Skirmish game mode

Arguably the most notable new arrival is Skirmish, a brand-new game mode joining Warfare and Offensive to offer players even more ways to experience all-out warfare across numerous battlegrounds that featured in World War 2.

Information on how Skirmish works and when it's expected to arrive remains a mystery but there's a high chance of it gaining popularity once it drops.

Alongside Skirmish is Mortain, a brand-new map that's bound to inject a breath of fresh air into the existing rotation. Once launched, expect most servers to add it for all available modes.

In addition to new maps, changeable weather is also coming to Hell Let Loose in 2024. Expect transitions from daylight into darkness and heavy rain to soak the battlefield before the sun breaks through adding even more immersion.

The long-awaited British Forces rework is also scheduled on the Hell Let Loose 2024 roadmap. The 14.8 PTE gave players a first look at the first part of the rework, suggesting its full completion isn't far away.

There you have it, that's everything there is to know about the Hell Let Loose 2024 roadmap. For even more, head over to our guides page which is packed with all kinds of information covering numerous games.

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