John Romero’s Sigil 2 released for free to celebrate Doom’s 30th bday

Sigil 2, a free Doom expansion, keyart showing a gargantuan demon with fire spirit hands staring at the player

Sigil 2, a free Doom expansion, keyart showing a gargantuan demon with fire spirit hands staring at the player

In celebration of Doom’s 30th anniversary, co-creator John Romero has released his new expansion Sigil 2 online for free. Playable in the original Doom or a source engine port, the new expansion offers hours of new Doom content for fans to enjoy.

The first Sigil was released four years ago as to spiritual fifth episode of The Final Doom. Sigil 2 is the game’s unofficial sixth episode, obviously, continuing on from the demon-slaying events of Romero’s first title.

Romero revealed the Sigil 2 release on Twitter last weekend, informing Doom fans of the expansion. You can get the free Doom expansion right here. The Doom co-creator also celebrated the game’s anniversary with a post, saying:

“Happy 30th birthday, DOOM. I'm grateful to have been a part of this incredible team. Thank you for playing our games, and thank you for keeping DOOM alive, all these many years.”

Another celebratory event for the iconic FPS saw the reunion of Doom’s two Johns: John Romero and John Carmack. In a livestream now viewable on YouTube, the two discussed their history with the franchise and put aside their differences to celebrate the game that turned the game developers into rockstars in the early 90s.

Romero and Carmack aren’t the only people celebrating Doom’s 30th anniversary. In fact, expert Doom modders are releasing huge mods for the game’s birthday, including a Doom Gaiden mod that adds hack and slash gameplay to the fast-paced shooter.

30 years ago, Doom inspired countless first-person shooter games resulting in today’s landscape of titles like Call of Duty, Battlefield and more. Back in the 90s, games like Duke Nukem 3D, Hexen, Shadow Warrior, System Shock and more all existed due to Doom’s success. In fact, Doom is pretty much the reason why gaming on PCs is even popular today.

Doom is still thriving as a franchise with new entries in its series. Following Doom 2016, and virtual reality spin-off VFR, Doom Eternal released to critical acclaim alongside its two expansions.

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