Duke Nukem Remaster accused of using AI art

Duke Nukem Remaster accused of using AI art Duke with gun

Duke Nukem Remaster accused of using AI art Duke with gun

“Damn, those AI b*stards just shot up my remaster!” The nestle announced Duke Nukem Remastered collection has come under fire by fans on social media for what looks like use of AI-generated art for its promotional materials.

Announced yesterday as two carts for the Evercade console (along with a new model for the VS), the Duke Nukem collections will contain a selection of the past hits - and misses - of the beloved 90s character.

Among minor hits such as Time to Kill and Land of the Babes, the first cart will contain Duke Nukem 3D as well as the new Duke Nukem 1 + 2 remastered ports.

The new titles will come with several new features, as mentioned in the Evercade showcase. Among them 60 FPS gameplay, upscaled graphics, parallax backgrounds, smooth scrolling and, also, widescreen support.

While everything seemed to be going well, many fans have been looking over the art and the trailer and have noticed some discrepancies with the visuals, namely that it seems AI-generated.

Fans have noticed, among other things, fingers in both hands clipping through the guns in the art along with a strange visual oddities surrounding the character’s legs.

Evercade has replied, claiming the new art is not created by an AI program. "This is the work of a talented artist,” the company claimed. However, after being asked to name the artist, replies from the company quickly stopped.

"Either you are lying or you got scammed" says a user on Twitter, replying to the company. Even believing Evercade is in good faith, the work definitely looks like it was, at least, "augmented" by AI.

While the art is not looking very promising, we remain cautiously optimistic to see what comes out of the two remasters of the original platforms. While we have definitely played enough Duke Nukem 3D, it will be nice to go back to the original platformers where everything started. Let's hope that the ass-kicking, this time, will not be AI-generated.

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