John Boyega reportedly returning for Finn Disney Plus show set after Episode 9

Star Wars fans might finally be happy with new content set after the Sequel Trilogy. While Rise of Skywalker left the franchise with a wet fart on an ending, there were nuggets of interesting ideas. One idea, that was explained after the movie released, was that Finn — played by John Boyega — is Force sensitive.

Fans of the franchise have wanted to see Finn become a Jedi ever since he was teased with a lightsaber before Episode 7's release. As it turns out, we might end up seeing that dream realised through the power of Disney Plus.

They're Disney Plus-ing John Boyega

Despite famously saying that Disney wouldn't be able to Disney Plus him, new rumours state that John Boyega is returning for a Disney Plus show. Reported by StarWarsNews, there's allegedly plans to continue Finn's story. Additionally, the show could provide closure for fans of the character as well as Boyega.

According to the rumours, the Disney Plus show will take place after Star Wars: Episode 9: Rise of Skywalker. The story could see Boyega finally take up the lightsaber, or it could focus on the character liberating remaining Stormtroopers.

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Fans were confident that Finn would join Rey in her Jedi training.

Whatever the case, it would certainly be weird to see Boyega return without the other sequel trilogy members. Obviously, money is no object to a company like Disney, but would Ridley and Isaac be interested in returning?

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Who would return?

Star Wars is a massive, complicated intellectual property for Disney. While the franchise is extremely lucrative, the last film entry, as well as the internet’s typical vitriol, has soured some actors’ view of the series.

There were rumours for a while that both Daisy Ridley and Kelly Marie Tran would be returning for a while. However, those rumours have quickly fizzled out. With that said, there's always hope we could see the sequel trilogy cast return on Disney Plus.

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