Jill Valentine will remain hot forever as Capcom bans aging

jill valentine will remain hot forever as capcom bans aging
Credit: Capcom

jill valentine will remain hot forever as capcom bans aging
Credit: Capcom

Resident Evil fans have enjoyed how the characters have aged with them, albeit in a slow and sexy way. However, that rule doesn’t apply to Jill Valentine, as Capcom has mandated that she not age for future game and media appearances.

The Gamer recently interviewed Resident Evil: Death Island screenwriter Makoto Fukami and asked about Jill looking young all the time. Fukami confirmed that this is actually a mandate from Capcom, after saying the canon reason for Jill’s anti-aging was her T-Virus exposure.

“It is in fact true, it’s a setup for Jill,” Fukami explains via a translator. “She’s gotten infected by the virus twice or three times I think, so she is indeed the one that’s not aging. It’s an official setup by Capcom actually.”

Knowing that Jill Valentine is restrained from aging properly is odd since that same rule doesn’t apply to the rest of the cast. What makes this mandate weirder is that everyone still looks hot despite aging normally. Everyone from Claire Redfield to Leon Kennedy still looks like eye candy to us, that’s for sure.

Jill’s anti-aging was first referenced in a Tweet from the official Resident Evil account. As part of the Death Island pre-release hype, the account shared short overviews for each character. There, it was explained that Jill’s numerous exposures to the T-Virus have slowed her aging down.

Resident Evil: Death Island is the first time we’ve seen Jill since Resident Evil 5. It’s also the first time we see all of the main cast together, making it the ultimate fanservice movie. Rebecca Chambers is there too, I guess.

There’s a good chance that we’ll see Jill Valentine in video game form sooner rather than later. A post-credits scene at the end of Resident Evil 4 remake hinted that we’re getting a remake of the fifth game. Capcom has also considered remaking some of the non-numbered games, though a lot of them don’t have Jill.

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Resident Evil: Death Island is now available digitally. Gamers that want to play as Jill Valentine can get the Resident Evil 3 remake on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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