Jack Dorsey slams Facebook metaverse as a “dystopian corporate dictatorship”

The upcoming Facebook metaverse will be the next big step for the social media company. Not only will it mark the beginning of the company's social media platform being left behind, but it will also result in a complete rebranding.

Plans for a Facebook metaverse have already been criticised in the past. However, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's greatest rival, Twitter's Jack Dorsey, has finally chimed in on the company's unsettling plans.

Facebook metaverse is dystopian, says Jack Dorsey

As news of Facebook's attempts to build a new focus for its company spreads, Twitter users started to mock the event. In fact, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey decided to jump in on the fun, joining the anti-Facebook posts.

One user explained the concept of a metaverse to unaware Twitter users. They said:

“The word “metaverse” was coined by Neal Stephenson in the book “Snow Crash” and it originally described a virtual world owned by corporations where end users were treated as citizens in a dystopian corporate dictatorship.”

In response, Jack chimed in to say: “NARRATOR: He was.”, echoing the fact that Stephenson was correct.

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Is the metaverse a bad idea?

Yes. The concept of a metaverse is a dystopian sci-fi trope that can’t be understated. In modern times, the idea of metaverse concepts is more well known as Ready Player One’s Oasis, although it isn't the first.

However, a Facebook metaverse would be a horrendous idea if that futuristic mixed reality world becomes realised. To keep the accessible Ready Player One analogy: Facebook's project would have the bad guys in control from Day One.

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