China bans Yahoo News, the last official Western news source in the country

China's latest wave of censorship bans have been highlighted for its removal of Western film media. However, the CCP's bans have been extending further with a complete crackdown of Western news sources.

After weeks of removing foreign news outlets in China, the CCP finalised its crackdown with the removal of Yahoo News. The final strike: the ordered takedown of the Android and iOS Yahoo Finance app.

Yahoo News banned in China

The Yahoo mobile application was not so much an independent news outlet. Instead of publishing original pieces, the Yahoo service republished secondary sources. This allowed Chinese citizens to access multiple banned news outlets at once.  

Yahoo joins an ever-growing list of websites banned in the region. BBC, Medium, Bloomberg, The Guardian, The New York Times and more are all inaccessible in the country. Those who access or share the illegal content can be fined or arrested.

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Companies are following China’s orders

The massive crackdown of Western media and publications has been treated in a rather casual manner. Western companies like Apple, Google and Microsoft have followed orders to remove content that the CCP doesn't approve of.

Via DNYUZ, Apple Censorship project director Benjamin Ismail said:

“Recently Apple has been removing many apps at the demand of the Chinese authorities. But complying with governments’ orders is different than complying with law, especially in China, where the authorities often resort to extra-legal means to muzzle the press, bloggers, activists or any dissenting voices.” 

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