Ironheart reportedly has this awesome TV writer attached to the Disney+ show

Marvel's Disney+ shows are going very strong at the moment. With WandaVision and Falcon and the Winter Soldier being successful, eyes are pinned on the MCU's future. There are many more Marvel shows in the works, including one focused on the MCU's successor to Iron Man: Ironheart.

Until now, details have been very sparse on what Ironheart will be about. While a lot of details are still unknown, the show will be penned by an awesome TV writer. As such, could this be the best written Marvel show to date?

Who is writing Ironheart?

In a report by Variety, it was reported that Chinaka Hodge will be penning the upcoming Ironheart TV show. A poet, playwright and screenwriter, Hodge is the main writer for HBO's fantastic adaptation of Snowpiercer. Furthermore, the writer also wrote Apple's Amazing Stories TV show.

Alongside her Marvel debut, Hodge does have other unreleased projects in the works. One project is scenes for minors, a show that focuses on people working in a juvenile correctional facility. Another project on Hodge's impressive belt!

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What is the show about?

Again, not many details have been released about the Ironheart TV show. Of course, this is because the show is currently still in preproduction. However, we do know that the show will adapt the origins of the titular character.

In the comics, Riri Williams is a 15-year-old inventor who creates her own version of Iron Man’s signature armour. In the MCU, we've already seen how inventors like Justin Hammer can't get anywhere close to the level of intricacy that Stark's suit boasts. Even if he did build it in a cage... with a box of scraps! As such, it’s incredibly impressive that this up-and-coming Young Avenger can create their own.

With Spider-Man being touted as Tony Stark's successor in Far From Home, there's a chance the character could pop up in Ironheart. However, considering Tom Holland’s contact ends after No Way Home, it seems unlikely. With that said, Jon Faverau’s Happy Hogan could appear!

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