Robert Downey Jr shares Avengers Endgame BTS of a beloved deleted scene

It’s hard to believe that it's already been two years since the release of Avengers Endgame. It was end of an era for those who grew up with the original three-phase Marvel movies. Consequently, it was also momentous occasion for cinema.

That moment was an even bigger event for actor Robert Downey Jr. Marking his last appearance as Iron Man, the movie was as much a celebration of him as it was Marvel. For the anniversary, Downey Jr posted a never before seen behind the scenes video of an unreleased scene.

Avengers Endgame – Soul World/Way Station Behind the Scenes

As part of the Avengers Endgame celebrations, Robert Downey Jr released a behind-the-scenes look at a fan-favourite deleted scene. In the finished movie, Iron Man is told he can finally move on following the snap. However, there was a planned scene where the character met an older version of his daughter, Morgan.

In Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos saw a younger Gamora after sacrificing her for the soul stone. For Endgame, this is reversed for Tony Stark. Within the “Soul World", Stark meets with an older Morgan who tells him that his sacrifice worked out. While Tony has doubts, his daughter comforts him. The scene ends with Tony saying, “I love you 3000” to Morgan.

The deleted scene doesn't have finished visual effects. Unlike the gorgeous Berserk eclipse look of the Infinity War Soul World, this is a more PS2 version. However, it still gets the point across and it is quite a touching interaction.

Downey Jr’s behind the scenes look at the scene is just a glimmer at how the deleted scene was filmed. Like a lot of scenes in Avengers Endgame, Robert Downey Jr and Katherine Langford are in a big green room. Everything is covered in green material to be replaced with VFX. Take a look below:

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Will Iron Man be in another Marvel movie?

Iron Man is dead so he won't be appearing properly in future Marvel movies. While Downey is returning for Marvel's What If series, the actor will likely not be appearing in MCU films. With that said, the actor could certainly cameo for flashbacks and like in her future.

The mantle of Iron Man is also being replaced. Tony Stark's end at the metal protector will soon be taken up by Ironheart in a new Disney+ show. Just like Anthony Mackie became Captain America last week, the MCU will have a new iron protector.

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