iPhone SE 4 Teases Major Changes For More Money

Various iPhone SE 2022 models in front of a white background
Credit: Apple

Various iPhone SE 2022 models in front of a white background
Credit: Apple


  • The iPhone SE 4 is reportedly getting a 10% price increase, according to a reliable leaker
  • However, other leaks suggest that the next SE model will have some huge upgrades over 2022's SE
  • Apple has yet to reveal the upcoming iPhone SE 4, but reports suggest it will be available in 2025

The iPhone SE line of smartphones offers a great way to get into Apple's range of handsets without breaking the bank. Since Apple doesn't release SE models annually, each new SE model can bring significant changes. As many prepare for the upcoming release of the iPhone SE 4, you may need to set aside some extra money.

While many people are eagerly awaiting the reveal of the iPhone 16, enjoying the best iPhone emulators as more emulation apps join the App Store, or hoping that a cheaper model of the Apple Vision Pro arrives sooner rather than later, plenty of people are waiting for a new generation of iPhone SE, which could be coming soon.

However, according to a new leak, it may come with a price increase. Leaker @Revegnus1 on Twitter (via TechRadar) claims that the iPhone SE 4 will either cost the same as the 2022 model, starting at $429, or it could see a roughly 10% price increase. Apple reportedly won't charge more than $499 if there is an increase. Unfortunately, the leaker's account was deleted shortly after sharing this information.

While a price increase would be disappointing, if the leak is accurate, other leaks suggest the iPhone SE 4 is getting a major overhaul. One leak suggests that the iPhone SE 4 will get Face ID, transitioning from the SE 2022's Touch ID sensor. Additionally, it may feature an OLED screen, a USB-C charging port, and even an action button, which the iPhone 14 missed out on in 2022.

So, while the news of a price increase is undoubtedly disappointing, the small bump could bring you significant upgrades from the iPhone SE 2022, while still keeping the cost budget-friendly.

Unfortunately, those with a 2022 model may have to wait a little longer for the iPhone SE 4. According to some reports, the iPhone SE 4 won't be coming until 2025, but at least you'll have some time to save up for it or, you may want to opt for the new iPhone 16 series instead.

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