iPhone AI Will Change Everything, But Maybe Not For You

Different versions of the iPhone 13 all laying next to each other in a strange pattern
Credit: Apple

Different versions of the iPhone 13 all laying next to each other in a strange pattern
Credit: Apple

We're just days away from WWDC 2024, Apple's annual developer conference where the company will showcase a variety of new features for its operating systems. As most of the industry and its competitors turn to artificial intelligence, Apple is reportedly following the trend.

While the focus will be on the leaked AI tools, including the list of iOS 18 AI features that promise to enhance daily activities, many are concerned about what the AI won't be capable of, such as not being available on older models.

According to a new report from Bloomberg, Apple plans to debut the aptly titled 'Apple Intelligence' on Monday. The AI system will reportedly be available on iPhone, iPad, and Mac operating systems, with a rumored partnership with OpenAI also being announced. Mark Gurman at Bloomberg suggests that the two companies aim to create one of the best AI chatbots for Apple users, similar to OpenAI's existing ChatGPT 4o.

Since rumors of the partnership started leaking, we hoped Siri would benefit from AI improvements, given its current limitations. However, Gurman claims that only iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max customers, as well as iPad or Mac devices with M1 processors or later, will be able to take advantage of Apple Intelligence. Fortunately, the upcoming iPhone 16 is also expected to support AI.

While excitement for the upcoming iOS 18 release is undoubtedly high among iPhone users, it's disappointing that those not purchasing Apple's 2023 flagship smartphones may miss out on the major features of the update. The requirement for a high-performance chipset suggests that much of the AI processing will be done on-device, rather than being cloud-based. At least, that's the hope.

Gurman suggests the same, adding, "The services will either rely on on-device processing or cloud-based computing, depending on the sophistication of the task at hand."

In any case, we should find out for certain on Monday. Considering that Apple is slightly late to the AI market, with Samsung having introduced Galaxy AI features earlier this year, it will be interesting to see if Apple can capture attention with its take on 'Apple Intelligence.' Make sure to find out how to watch WWDC 2024, so you're ready to witness all of the exciting announcements.

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