iOS 18 AI Features - New AI Functionalities to Expect

An image of the logo of iOS 18 - AI features

An image of the logo of iOS 18 - AI features

iOS 18 is anticipated to be the biggest update in iPhone history, with a major focus on integrating AI to simplify tasks for users. This hype has left many eager to learn about the potential AI features iOS 18 will bring.

So what’s new in the Apple iOS 18 update? You might be wondering what all the buzz is about. Well, iOS 18’s Apple AI features are not just about promising the future; they aim to deliver it. This update could finally make Siri truly useful, thanks to the advanced AI integration.

In this guide, we will tell you all about the AI features in iOS 18 and how they will improve your iPhone experience. But, before that, if you haven’t updated to iOS 17.5 yet, do your iPhone a favour and update now.

iOS 18 AI Features

The new AI capabilities in iOS 18 are designed to make your device smarter, more intuitive, and ultimately more useful in your daily life. Before you update to iOS 18, let’s take a look at the expected AI features and how they can enhance your iPhone experience.

Natural Siri Interactions

Siri will become more conversational and contextually aware in iOS 18. The AI improvements will allow Siri to understand and respond to more complex queries, making interactions feel more natural. Users can expect Siri to provide more accurate and helpful responses, improving the virtual assistant’s overall utility.

Photo Retouching

The Photos app in iOS 18 will leverage AI for advanced photo retouching. AI tools will assist in enhancing images by automatically adjusting brightness, contrast, and other parameters to improve photo quality. Users will find it easier to achieve professional-looking edits without needing in-depth knowledge of photo editing software.

Smart Summaries

AI in iOS 18 will generate smart summaries for various types of content. This feature will condense long texts, emails, and articles into concise summaries, making it easier for users to quickly understand key points without reading through entire documents. It will be particularly useful for managing large volumes of information efficiently.

Automatic Replies

AI in iOS 18 will generate automatic replies for emails and messages. This feature will streamline communication by suggesting contextually appropriate responses, allowing users to quickly reply to messages without typing out each response manually. It will save time and improve efficiency, especially for busy professionals.

Safari Enhancements

Safari is in line for a substantial upgrade in iOS 18. AI will enhance web searches to deliver more relevant results and provide quick summaries of visited websites. This will make browsing faster and more efficient, allowing users to grasp essential information without reading entire web pages.


If you look at the new AI features in iOS 18, you’ll notice they are quite similar to those found in Samsung Galaxy’s AI. Essentially, some of Galaxy AI’s best features are now coming to the iPhone. The key difference is that while Galaxy AI is not free, iOS 18 will come at no cost for all eligible iPhone users, from the iPhone 11 and upward.

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