Hyperkin Mega95 is a Sega Genesis handheld that plays your old carts

The Hyperkin Mega95 portable SEGA Genesis console resting on a wood grain table

The Hyperkin Mega95 portable SEGA Genesis console resting on a wood grain table

Revealed alongside the company’s revival of the Original Xbox S controller, the new Hyperkin Mega95 handheld is a Sega Genesis clone that plays your original 90s cartridges.

Shown off at CES 2024, the new Hyperkin retro handheld is essentially a portable version of its years-old MegaRetroN HD, another device that can play Genesis cartridges. However, this device can be slapped in a pocket and docked to the TV whenever you please.

Few details have been revealed for the Sega Genesis handheld. However, images of the device show a spread-out version of the console’s iconic six-button controller with a sizeable 5-inch 16:9 screen in the middle.

Hyperkin has revealed that the device will allow players to switch between 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios at ease. However, it’s not known if the device will offer alternative display modes such as CRT filters, pixel-perfect ratios and more for crisper visuals.

To connect the device to a television, players will make use of a dedicated dock that connects via the USB-C charging port. Using this, players can plug in two wired Genesis controllers for multiplayer shenanigans on the big screen.

The Hyperkin Mega95 SEGA Genesis handheld in the USB-C dock playing Comix Zone
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This is far from Hyperkin’s first version of a Genesis emulation device. Sitting partway between FPGA hardware emulation and software emulation, the company’s modern devices have proven to be a popular way of replaying classic game libraries.

The Hyperkin Mega95 handheld is essentially doing for Sega fans what the company did for Nintendo with the SupaBoy Portable Pocket. With the SupaBoy proving surprisingly popular, we can see the Mega95 taking off as well.

Hyperkin has yet to reveal a price for the new Mega95 Sega Genesis handheld. However, considering the $119.99 price tag for the SupaBoy, we’d expect something along the same ballpark for this device.

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