How to add funds to Nintendo Switch: Top up your balance and buy that game today!

We’ve all been there on Nintendo Switch: waiting patiently for that eShop sale to finally occur, and with all our fingers and toes crossed, this is going to be the sale where that one game on your watchlist will be discounted.

Especially due to the ‘Switch Tax’ of games being at least 25% more than on other systems, it’s always appreciated to see a discount on a well-known franchise.

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Then when it does occur, you find out that you have ‘insufficient funds’ for the game. Feelings of shock, disappointment and sulking will overlap one another as you try to see what can be done.

Luckily, there are ways to quickly top up the balance of your Switch account to easily buy that game you’ve been holding out for to tell your friends all about it, so let's go through it. Here's how to add funds to Nintendo Switch...

How to add funds to Nintendo Switch

First of all, go to the Switch eShop, and select the account that you want to add funds to. Once on the homepage, select the user avatar at the top-right.

At ‘Account Information’, you will see a ‘Current Balance’ section. Scroll to the right and press ‘Add Funds’.

You will have three options; ‘Credit Card’, ‘eShop Gift Card’ or ‘PayPal’. Depending on which method you want to go for, select one of them, and start entering the details.

Once the details have been filled in, the funds will appear, updating the ‘Current Balance’ with the expected amount, ready to use for a game or a ’Switch Online’ subscription.

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Keeping track of your balance of Switch funds

Adding funds is a great way to keep track of the spending, especially if your daughter has her own Switch for example.

Just recharging the balance through a gift-card is a great way to help someone out as well, especially if there’s another eShop sale going on at the time.

But with just those three methods of paying, you’ve really got no excuse to try out Onimusha on Switch!

All in all, adding funds on a Switch cannot be easier, and it’s a part of the eShop which doesn’t really need any more improvement; it’s straight-forward, it’s easy to control for a family member, and you can help brighten up someone’s day with a gift card to recharge the balance. What more does one need?

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