Horizon Forbidden West re-release is PS5’s first two-disc game

horizon forbidden west complete edition comes in two discs
Credit: Guerrilla Games

Horizon Forbidden West: Complete Edition is coming out soon and it will be the first-ever PS5 game on two discs, as it turns out. While Final Fantasy VII Rebirth was the first PS5 game to be announced with two discs, Forbidden West: Complete Edition is coming out first.

A Twitter user going by ‘Does it play?’ posted on social media and revealed that this re-release on PS5 will be in two discs. The back of this game’s box doesn’t lie, so it looks like players will need to delete whatever games they aren’t playing for more space.

While this is disappointing news for players running out of space, this does make sense. The Horizon Forbidden West: Complete Edition includes the Burning Shores DLC, which was around 16 GB, adding to the base game’s tremendous size.

A Twitter user confirms that Horizon Forbidden West: Complete Edition is in two discs.
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Credit: Does it Play? (Twitter)

Being on two discs makes sense since the re-release is over 120 GB, making it another PS5 heavy hitter. EA’s Star Wars Jedi: Survivor was also a heavy game on current-gen consoles, though that required an additional data download, rather than another disc.

It’s not just PS5 owners who have to worry about the storage size, as Complete Edition is also coming to PC sometime next year. Most fans saw this coming, as Horizon Zero Dawn is already in the system, so not adding the sequel would have made things feel empty. Fans are hoping that God of War Ragnarok and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 follow suit on PC but that’ll take a while.

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Horizon Forbidden West: Complete Edition comes to PlayStation 5 this week, on October 6. The PC version will come out sometime in 2024.

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