Star Wars Jedi: Survivor file size is as large as the Death Star

star wars jedi survivor file size is as large as the death star
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

star wars jedi survivor file size is as large as the death star
Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is a bigger sequel in every sense of the word as its file size is massive. Fans are going to have to make space on their PlayStation 5, Xbox Series system, and PC if they want to journey with Cal Kestis again.

EA’s official website has confirmed that the PC version will take up 155 GB, which is a massive amount of space. Granted, the PC version of Survivor is supposed to be the most graphically taxing version of the game but this seems a bit excessive.

PS5 and Xbox Series owners planning to get Star Wars Jedi: Survivor should expect around the same GB size as the PC version. After all, the PS5 and Xbox Series are just as powerful as some high-end gaming computers, if not more in some cases. Basically, players will want to delete some games if they want to make room.

Considering how Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order only took about 55 GB, the step up in file size is jaw-dropping. Respawn Entertainment did say that this game could only be done for next-gen systems and it sure has the file size of a next-gen game.

Previews for the sequel have been impressive, showing just how much of an improvement this is over the first game. Bigger levels, fast travel, and tougher enemies are only some of the things Cal will have to deal with in this sequel. Cal Kestis will also have all of his powers from Fallen Order, making him feel powerful at the start of the game.

Overall, there’s a lot of hope surrounding Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, with many fans hoping this will be even better than Fallen Order. Most already agreed that it was an excellent Souls-like game and a good use of the Star Wars license, so the sequel needs to outdo that.

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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will be coming to PS5, Xbox Series, and PC on April 28, 2023.

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