Hogwarts Legacy PlayStation-only DLC already available on PC

hogwarts legacy playstation dlc an old wizard man in robes

hogwarts legacy playstation dlc an old wizard man in robes

As if Hogwarts Legacy couldn't get any more controversial, it seems like the game has put the proverbial foot in it yet again. After an extensive marketing campaign advertising that the game will have exclusive content - including a quest - on Sony's PlayStation platforms, it seems that the content is usable on the PC.

Reddit user 'enaske' trawled through the Hogwarts Legacy's files after installing the wizarding game on their PC and found that the extra content is actually there, it's just not activated. There's even a screenshot to prove it.

In the thread, enaske posts all of the lines of code that refer to what were supposed to be Sony-only exclusives relating to Twitch and Amazon. The kicker, however, is that the "Haunted Hogsmeade" shop quest can also be unlocked on PC and appears as "Store_03_Sony" in the code.

While these exclusives are unlockable on PC, it's not straightforward and probably shouldn't be attempted by players. Commenters in the Reddit thread are at loggerheads about the details of how enaske managed to get the content working. Some say it was by editing hex codes, while others suggest using other nefarious means.

Regardless, we know the content is there on PC, and that means it's likely on the Xbox disc too. The Hogsmeade quest and other items are a one-year PlayStation, paid for by Sony, so the Japanese giant likely won't be happy about this.

We're yet to see Hogwarts Legacy developer Avalanche patch the game, but that's probably going to happen sooner rather than later.

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