Hogwarts Legacy mods are the craziest since Skyrim

Hogwarts Legacy mods showing a wizard riding Shrek as a broom and another holding a gun instead of a wand

Hogwarts Legacy mods showing a wizard riding Shrek as a broom and another holding a gun instead of a wand

Harry Potter RPG Hogwarts Legacy is finally out, and fans are already adding some of the most powerful weapons in the Wizarding World: guns. With the power of Hogwarts Legacy mods, the new AAA wizard-action game has already become one of the wildest titles in years.

Just days after its release, modders have already turned the new Harry Potter game into a beautiful mess of maddening mods. From glocks to Shrek broomsticks, the new game already houses some of the weirdest mods we’ve seen in years.

While some Hogwarts Legacy mods offer some fantastic additions, such as more skin tones or better HUDs, most are straight out of YouTube poops. Want player characters to be replaced with Wallace and Gromit? You got it.

One online video reveals a smorgasboard of mods working in tandem to craft a gaming experience loonier than Lovegood. In the video, multiple characters are being attacked by a huge dragon. In true mod delight, the dragon’s model has been replaced with a deformed version of Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon.

Furthermore, other creatures in the sky have been replaced with Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony. Of course, the humans have been altered as well. One character model has been swapped for Professor Oak from Pokémon, another swapped for Mickey Mouse.

Of course, one modder just had to put Dreamwork’s believed Ogre into the game. For some reason — comedy, mostly — one modder made it so that you can ride the always memeable Shrek across the grounds of Hogwarts, replacing your broom with the Ogre’s beautiful bod.


However, by far the best mod for the game is the gun mod. This modification replaces the character’s wand with a handgun. Dubbed the “Magic Gun”, you can now walk around the Wizarding World with the most powerful weapon known to man.

It’s been widely said over the past decade or so that Harry Potter should’ve just capped Voldemort in his weird snake-like head. While you can’t pop a cap into Voldemort in the new game, you can take out hundreds upon hundreds of other enemies.

Hogwarts Legacy modders are having a lot of fun with the new magical RPG. While mods aren’t currently on the level of, say, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim just yet, they’re definitely in the same vein. Bring on the Macho Man Randy Savage mod, please!

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