Hogwarts Legacy is already Steam's top-selling game before release

hogwarts legacy is already steam top selling game before release
Credit: Warner Bros.

Despite multiple controversies, Harry Potter RPG Hogwarts Legacy is currently the most pre-ordered game on Steam. While many have boycotted the game over author J.K. Rowlings’ anti-trans politics, fans of the franchise are still buying into the Wizarding World.

Numerous debates have been made about purchasing the game and if it’s morally okay. (No ethical consumption under capitalism, remember!) Regardless of how you feel, it’s clear that Harry Potter nostalgia runs high, as the game’s pre-order success shows.

It won’t be long before fans and critics alike get to give their opinions on Hogwarts Legacy. All we can do is hope that it has a better fate than the Fantastic Beasts franchise.

SteamDB revealed that Hogwarts Legacy is the most pre-ordered game on Steam and the second most pre-ordered item on the store. Funnily enough, the RPG only lost to the Steam Deck in overall pre-orders, due to how the handheld has been touted.

Keep in mind that these are only Steam pre-orders. Many can assume that the game has already sold a decent amount of copies on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series. With Switch, PS4, and Xbox One versions still coming, this game could sell even more copies and might even be one of 2023’s best sellers.

Hogwarts Legacy became a hotbed of controversy ever since it was announced, as J.K. Rowling continues to double down on her TERF behavior. Not helping was Simon Pegg’s casting in the game, as the man has openly left politics and is involved with a project that benefits an anti-trans author.

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Players that can ignore all of the controversy surrounding the game can pick up Hogwarts Legacy on February 10 for PS5, Xbox Series, and PC. Last-gen versions of the game, including the Switch port, are scheduled to come out sometime after.

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