Simon Pegg joins Hogwarts Legacy, inflaming the internet

simon pegg joins hogwarts legacy inflaming the internet
Credit: Warner Bros. Interactive

simon pegg joins hogwarts legacy inflaming the internet
Credit: Warner Bros. Interactive

Hogwarts Legacy has been a hotbed of controversy since it’s reveal, and that continues with the reveal that Simon Pegg is joining the game’s cast. The news has gotten a mixed reception from fans, as Pegg is been open about his progressive beliefs whereas J.K. Rowling continues her anti-trans stance.

While Rowling isn’t involved with the game’s creative process, the Harry Potter author will be making money from the final product. Due to her various comments, the trans community has asked its allies to boycott the game. Considering how Pegg had taken a stance against “the tories,” this isn’t a great look for him.

It will be interesting to see if Simon Pegg does comment about his role in Hogwarts Legacy. Only time will tell if his involvement in the game is going to hurt his standing with the LGBTQ community.

Simon Pegg was announced as the voice of Phineas Nigellus Black, the game’s headmaster. As many fans know, Hogwarts Legacy takes place a long time before the events of Harry Potter, so the series’ iconic Albus Dumbledore will not be in charge of Hogwarts.

After the news broke, fans commented on the matter, many believing this is a bad look for Pegg. Others are hoping that he signed on before Rowling’s views were made public since game development takes a while.

“Supporting a transphobe's work that keeps her relevant in the media is bad actually Simon, I hope you're really REALLY ashamed of yourself and know trans people all over the world are deeply disgusted by your decision,” said @QueerThassie.

“Simon Pegg sure did that whole performative song and dance about hating the Tories and then signed on to star in the game about how elf slavery is good and that also emboldens one of the richest TERFs in the country, huh,” chimed in @jaffameister.

Only time will tell if Simon Pegg releases a statement about this. People involved with Harry Potter have denounced Rowling’s views before, including actor Daniel Radcliffe. Hopefully, we get a similar statement from Pegg.

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Hogwarts Legacy comes out next month, on February 10, for the PS5, Xbox Series, and PC. The last-gen versions will be released at a later date.

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