Hogwarts Legacy and other Potter titles banned from huge charity gaming event

hogwarts legacy and harry potter banned games done quick
Credit: Warner Bros.

hogwarts legacy and harry potter banned games done quick
Credit: Warner Bros.

Hogwarts Legacy and all other Harry Potter games have been banned from the huge speedrunning charity event Games Done Quick event. Known for its annual speedrunning events, Games Done Quick has rarely banned games. However, due to the politics of Potter author J.K. Rowling, the franchise will be barred.

Metro revealed that all of the Harry Potter games are currently on the disallowed list on the Games Done Quick website. While no official statement has been made regarding this ban, it’s worth noting that the organization doesn’t allow games based on their content, views, or origin.

Since “views” and “origin” are a major part of this, we can assume that are why Hogwarts Legacy isn’t allowed. The author’s “gender critical” politics have caused many in the LGBTQ+ community to boycott her and her products.

Rowling’s anti-trans politics have even been the subject of her own books. The author’s most recent book, The Inkblack Heart (published under the male name Robert Galbraith) spends hundreds of pages depicting trans people harassing an author online, the opposite of Rowling’s real life.

Not helping are the accusations of anti-semitism in regards to the way goblins seem to represent Jewish stereotypes. Hogwarts Legacy also doubled down on this by having a storyline where the goblins try to rebel against a system that makes them second-class citizens and you need to stop their rise.

Other games that are part of the banned list include the entire Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise, Ion Fury, and the original God of War. Five Nights at Freddy’s creator Scott Cawthon has donated money to Donald Trump and a number of anti-LGBT organizations, so that checks out.

Before fans start getting “enraged” about this, keep in mind that Games Done Quick doesn’t make games any more successful than they already are. Plus, Hogwarts Legacy is already a proven success, becoming the most pre-ordered game in Steam history and outperforming Elden Ring’s launch sales. Five Nights at Freddy’s isn’t losing any money either, especially with a new movie coming out.

Hogwarts Legacy is now available on the PS5, Xbox Series, and PC. Last-gen ports of the game will be coming out sometime this year.

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