Hogwarts Legacy will have over 100 side quests that affect the main story

hogwarts legacy will have over 100 side quests that affect the main story
Credit: Warner Bros. Interactive

We knew Hogwarts Legacy was going to be a huge game but it seems the Harry Potter RPG is bigger than we thought, having over 100 side quests that will alter the main story.

Narrative Director and writer Moira Squier confirmed to that the magical school RPG will have 100 side quests to play through. Furthermore, players will be able to tackle them in whatever order they want, not locking off content during the main story.

Apparently, these side quests will help “fulfill your destiny” in Hogwarts Legacy. These mini stories are said to alter the campaign in interesting ways, depending on who you interact with, how you interact with them, and what you cause to happen. However, since these quests can be done in any order, it makes us wonder what the story’s structure will be like.

"The main storyline is complicated and engaging and involves a variety of different characters and viewpoints," Squier told GamesRadar. "But by giving the player choice moments throughout the game, we allow them to tell their own version of that epic story."

Regardless of how the story goes, we’re sure Potterheads are more than excited to pick up Hogwarts Legacy and fulfill their fanfiction. After all, the game quickly became one of the most pre-ordered titles in Steam history. While they won’t be able to make out with Draco Malfoy, players can at least revel in the setting.

Despite the game looking great, Hogwarts Legacy has been a hotbed of controversy ever since it was announced. Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling has made being anti-trans her personality, which has divided the fanbase since many LGBTQ members saw themselves in Harry or his friends. It also doesn’t help that she bullied a trans gamer on Twitter and insists that she’s the victim.

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Hogwarts Legacy will be coming out on PS5, Xbox Series, and PC on February 10. Last-gen versions for PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch will be coming at a later date.

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