Helldivers 2 devs prioritizing more content over DLSS upgrade

helldivers 2 devs choose content over dlss
Credit: Arrowhead Game Studios

helldivers 2 devs choose content over dlss
Credit: Arrowhead Game Studios

Helldivers 2 is currently one of this year’s most popular and most-played games, but fans do wish they could upscale it to look even better with DLSS. While the devs wouldn’t mind adding this feature in the future, they are laser-focused on adding more content instead of upscale options.

Johan Pilestedt, the CEO of Arrowhead and Creative Director of the game, responded to a Twitter post that claimed DLSS wouldn’t be coming to the multiplayer shooter. Pilestedt corrects this by saying that DLSS isn’t off the books, but the studio’s priorities are on adding more content to Helldivers 2.

“Man, i agree! I love DLSS and other performance boosting tech. But when you are in a prio meeting and it's "more awesome content" vs "more tech" the decision is easy....” Pilestedt wrote on Twitter.

While fans with advanced PCs would love to have DLSS for the shooter, most would agree that it doesn’t need it right now. It’s a good-looking game that manages to have a consistent performance and plays well, which is all you need for a multiplayer game.

That’s not to say everything surrounding Helldivers 2 is perfect, as the shooter originally wasn’t playable on Steam Deck. Luckily, various updates have since been released and most fans will be able to get the shooter working. However, due to the game’s always-online nature, it’s best to play this on a PlayStation 5 or high-end PC.

DLSS has become something of a must-have for triple-A games, which is why modders add the feature when developers don’t do it. One particular modder was able to make some good money by adding DLSS to Starfield, which is impressive. Although Helldivers 2 won’t be getting DLSS anytime soon, it seems the devs are just waiting for the right time to do it.

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Players can pick up Helldivers 2 right now on PlayStation 5 and PC. Curious gamers can also pick up the first Helldivers on PS4, PS5, and PC, though that’s a twin-stick shooter.

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