Starfield DLSS modder earns £45,000 a month for their tool

Reaction to Starfield DLSS modder earns £45,000 a month for their tool

Reaction to Starfield DLSS modder earns £45,000 a month for their tool

Bethesda Game Studios’ Starfield has launched on PC, but without Nvidia’s DLSS image reconstruction. With this in mind, controversial modder PureDark has created a Starfield DLSS mod, and it’s proven very popular.

While many have pushed back against the fact that PureDark’s Starfield DLSS mod is locked behind a paywall, the mod seems to be financially successful. While cracks for the mod have already been spread online, that doesn’t appear to have stopped the mod’s progress.

According to a report by VideoGamer, the Starfield DLSS mod is bringing in $40,000 a month from supportive fans. While the naysayers are still prominent, it seems most PC players don’t mind paying for the modification.

With over 9,500 active Patreon subscribers paying a minimum of £4.50 every month, the modder is earning well over £45,000 from the mods. However, it’s worth noting that Starfield isn’t the only project that benefits from PureDark’s DLSS mods. It may not be one of the best Starfield mods, but it’s certainly the most in-demand.

In fact, the Starfield DLSS modder has been working on other titles that suffer from AMD’s FSR 2 reconstruction being the only method available. While DLSS has been added in the most recent update for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, PureDark’s mod was the only method for DLSS for the game since launch.

PureDark’s DLSS modding is rapidly growing in subscriber count due to the release of Starfield. While Bethesda’s latest RPG suffers from a number of technical issues including graphics card errors and audio issues, the lack of DLSS has been a sore spot for anyone with an Nvidia graphics card on PC.

Starfield’s lack of DLSS isn’t a massive issue, but the fact that it’s only missing due to an AMD partnership is infuriating. On console, AMD’s FSR 2 is resulting in fantastic image quality, but on PC fans expect to be able to use the best options around. Furthermore, DLSS 3’s frame generation is a very useful tool for a game as CPU-bound as Starfield.

Starfield is available right now on Xbox Series and PC as a standalone purchase or via Xbox Game Pass. The game can also be played via Xbox Cloud Gaming on Xbox One and Mobile.

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