Hell Let Loose PTE gives players the chance to try a ton of new content

hell let loose pte new content
Credit: Team 17

Hell Let Loose has been a fan-favorite multiplayer shooter for years now and its about to get better, with a brand-new rework. PTE patch 14.8 will supposedly be the last rework for this shooter, as this playtest is adding more maps for players to shoot themselves in, alongside other game modes.

According to the patch notes on Steam, PTE 14.8 will feature seven maps that will randomly be chosen for Warfare and Skirmish modes. Like most beta tests, this will be used to see if players are enjoying these changes, so feedback will be very important.

Multiplayer games like these are always in constant need of updating, but it seems that this playtest is going to be bountiful for fans. The fact that they’re going to have more levels to shoot 50 other players in is going to be insane to watch.

This is what the devs had to say about the Hell Let Loose 14.8 patch:

“PTE 14.8 will feature seven maps in rotation across Warfare and Skirmish modes. Our goal for this testing period is to gather your feedback on the latest iteration of Skirmis – thanks to your feedback – on Driel and El-Alamein. In addition, we want your thoughts on how the new tanks function in Warfare; the historical accuracy of upcoming DLC and your impressions on some new weapons.”

Fans interested in this acclaimed shooter should consider picking it up now, as the game is on sale right now on Steam. Timing the sale with this update is a pretty smart move on the part of Team 17, as newer players can enjoy an improved version of the shooter. Bugs and other issues might rear their ugly head since this is a playtest but things are only going to get better.

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Hell Let Loose is available now on PS5, Xbox Series, and PC.

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