Hell Let Loose Network Error: How To Fix T17 Error And Server Connection Issues on PS5

The Hell Let Loose Network Error has led to some pretty salty commentary from players online. Frustrated by an error that is preventing them from letting loose some hell of their own, presumably. It's understandable as well. After all, being stopped from playing a game when you want to, is pretty annoying. It's as though the game is your Mum, and she's telling you to go and do your homework, and you're getting angry because you're actually 26 and have a job, and a car and everything.

But we're not your Mum. We're just here to tell you what the network error is, and whether there is anything you may be able to do about it, so you get back to blowing up tanks and shooting stuff, and all the other things that people like to do in their down-time. Here's how to fix the Hell Let Loose Network Error.

How To Fix T17 Error And Server Connection Issues on PS5

If you have been torpedoed by the Hell Let Loose T17 Error, or are experiencing server connection issues on PS5, is ther anything you can do?

  • Start by checking the server status for the PSN network. If there are any server-related issues, it's probably best to wait until those are resolved, before trying again.
  • If the server seems fine, then check your internet connection. There are a few standard steps you can take:
    • Test another app or device to make sure the internet is working properly
    • Minimise the number of other apps or devices that are competing for bandwidth
    • If you are on Wi-Fi, try to get closer to the router, to improve the signal stength
  • You could also try using an Ethernet connection, as this will improve stability
  • Check to see if there are any pending updates, and if so, install them
  • A final option is to consider uninstalling and then reinstalling Hell Let Loose

If nothing seems to work, then submit a support ticket with Team17. They may have additional advice and support. But what else do we know about this problem?

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What is the Hell Let Loose Network Error?

Hell Let Loose has only been out since October 5th on consoles, but this error has been frustrating plenty of players in a short time. When the network error hits, players get the message:

Can't connect to T17 services

It seems to happen at random points as well. Some player struggle to make a conenction in the first palce, while others are being booted out of matches part way through. With matches lasting for significant periods of time, it's hugely frustrating when all that hard work is lost.

Unfortunately, we are yet to discover exactly what the problem is. But one suggestion is that the servers are simply not yet able to cope with the level of demand. A recent tweet stated the following:

Console players We've pushed a server-side update live, tweaking the servers with stability improvements to XP - we're continuing to work on a full fix for the XP issues and disconnections as a priority!

There's clearly a known-issue with server stability, that they are working hard on to fix. Hopefully, once that has been addressed, the Hell Let Loose Network Error will also be resolved.

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